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Six-Man Baseball

From the December 1939 issue of Popular Mechanics comes an interesting idea.

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Ruth's first Home Run

99 years ago today Babe Ruth hit his first of 714 Home Runs. He and the Boston Red Sox were facing the New York Yankees.  They went into extra innings, but Ruth got the Red Sox on the board in the third inning.

Jack Warhop gave up the long ball but got the win.  1915 would be Warhop's last year in the majors after spending all 8 seasons with the New York Highlanders/Yankees.  Ruth would have 22 seasons with the Red Sox, Yankees and then finish with the Boston Braves.  He only hit 4 HRs in 1915.

Omaha World Herald - May 7, 1915

Here's the box score from

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How Luther Williams Field Got Its Name

Today the Young Americans Christian School Eagles varsity baseball team will be playing a double header at Luther Williams Field against the Mount De Sales Academy Cavaliers of Macon.  Apparently there has been quite a bit of rain in Macon and the Cavaliers' home field isn't suitable for play.  Hence the game at Luther Williams Field.

A friend of mine and the coach of the Eagles, Bill Nichol, contacted me to let me know that he was very excited about being able to play at Luther Williams Field because of all of the history associated with it.  I wasn't immediately familiar with the park but some research caused a bit of jealousy to well up.  I'll live.

The ball park opened in April of 1929 in Macon, Georgia.

The Macon Telegraph - April 18, 1929

The Macon Telegraph - April 18, 1929

A few days later the Macon city council wanted to honor Mayor Luther Williams for his work and resolved to name the ball park after him.

The Macon Telegraph - May 1, 1929

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