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Satchel Paige's Last Game

Satchel Paige doesn't need much of an introduction.  He played in the Negro Leagues, finally making it to the bigs in 1948.  His final game in the major leagues was on September 25, 1965.

SABR member Ted Knorr asked on facebook: In Satchel Paige’s last game in organized ball, who relieved him?

There were a few guesses.  I didn't know, but I needed clarification.  Did "organized ball" mean only MLB?  Ted clarified that it meant MLB and their affiliated minors.  I still didn't know the answer.

A bit of digging on and then yielded the following article.  Satchel's final game in organized ball.

The Greensboro Record - June 22, 1966

So you don't have to squint...

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Six-Man Baseball

From the December 1939 issue of Popular Mechanics comes an interesting idea.

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Ruth's first Home Run

99 years ago today Babe Ruth hit his first of 714 Home Runs. He and the Boston Red Sox were facing the New York Yankees.  They went into extra innings, but Ruth got the Red Sox on the board in the third inning.

Jack Warhop gave up the long ball but got the win.  1915 would be Warhop's last year in the majors after spending all 8 seasons with the New York Highlanders/Yankees.  Ruth would have 22 seasons with the Red Sox, Yankees and then finish with the Boston Braves.  He only hit 4 HRs in 1915.

Omaha World Herald - May 7, 1915

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