Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bucky Harris's injured hand

This post is in response to another SABR email list question. SABR member Bob H shared this photo and asked:
Did Harris miss a few games with a hand injury late in the 1925 season, and manage from the bench?
Peck, Harris, Liebold, 9/24/25
from the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress newspaper site, Chronicling America, spans the years 1836-1922.  It wasn't going to be any help on this one.  So, I turned to one of my other favorite newspaper sites, Google News archives.

The Bend Bulletin - September 23, 1925

The Independent - September 23, 1925

These articles partly answer Bob H's question.  He did get injured, but they don't address how he managed.  More research to be done.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Indoor Baseball

There has been a bit of discussion about indoor baseball on the SABR listserve as of late.  I thought I'd do a bit of research.  The following articles focus mainly on the origins of that game, with a few others highlighting leagues and the evolution of the game.  Bonus points for The Florida Star writer using the term "Jack Frostican".  These articles are from the Library of Congress's site, Chronicling America.  There are many other articles available through Google News.

Evening Star - December 27, 1890

The Saint Paul Globe - December 13, 1903

Los Angeles Herald - August 16, 1908

The Florida Star - January 7, 1910

Honolulu Star-Bulletin - February 20, 1913

Evening Public Ledger - March 24, 1920

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Perricone Quadruplets

The Perricones quadruplets, Anthony, Bernard, Carl, and Donald, were born on October 31, 1929. Apparently they liked baseball.

The Spokesman-Review - December 26, 1935

Ogdensburg Journal - April 22, 1936

LIFE - June 21, 1937

LIFE - June 21, 1937

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Veep Candidates watching the World Series

While doing some research on Pat McGlothin's 1944 game in which he faced Ted Williams seven times, struck him out once and held him hitless I came across this filler piece.

The original story spanned two columns. I've spliced them together for readability.   FDR and Truman won the election.  The Cardinals won the World Series.

The Abilene Reporter-News - October 3, 1944

Old tales never die...

The Abilene Reporter-News - October 3, 1944

Here's the McGlothin story...

The Abilene Reporter-News - October 3, 1944

images from Ancestry.com