Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Elephant Baseball Team

You might think that I'm referring to the Athletics. I'm not. These are honest to goodness pachyderms.

New-York Daily Tribune - March 24, 1912

The Washington Times - May 6, 1912

El Paso Herald - September 2, 1918

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1929 LaGrange College Baseball Team

1929 Quadrangle - LaGrange College Annual

LaGrange College is the oldest private college in Georgia.  It was formed in 1831 as a women's academy and was not made co-ed until 1953. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baseball in Dublin

El Paso Herald - November 8, 1918
Now, if we were to take this single news article at face value, we would have something to celebrate.  But "the first international baseball game that Dublin has seen"?  I don't know.

A year before that a game was scheduled to be played in that same city.

The Democratic Banner - October 30, 1917

I haven't discovered if that came was just arranged or it was actually played.  Interestingly enough the following Mark Twain quote was on the same newspaper page.

The Democratic Banner - October 30, 1917

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1887 Columbus Clippers

96 S. GRANT AVE. COLUMBUS, OH 43215 (614) 645-2275
John Lews, fellow SABR member, posted the following to the SABR-L list. I've edited it a bit, for formatting and link.
     I researched the Columbus newspapers of 1887 for Higgins. The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Daily Times, and the weekly Columbus Recorder never mentioned that Higgins was colored. The first two times the Ohio State Journal mentioned him, it didn't. A notes column in the OSJ on July 4 ("Higgins, the colored catcher, played his initial game Saturday. He did fairly well...") was the only time his race was ever mentioned in the papers.
    The Columbus players sent letters to the Dispatch and Journal in support of their manager on August 1, signed by 14 players. The papers printed the letters. That is how his first initial J. was known. Several other players' initials or first names are given that are not included on the team roster on Baseball Reference.
    The players were paid on August 1. Several went out and drank too much beer. Higgins and Miller were suspended.
     There is a picture in the Arcadia Columbus baseball book that is supposed to be this 1887 Ohio State League team, including Higgins. (There is one black.) It is online on the Columbus Metropolitan Library's site [link].  Have any SABR photo experts looked at this? It says it is a 5 by 8 photo of the Clippers baseball team, which was an amateur team that also played at Recreation Park in 1887. Does it look like a minor league team or an amateur one? Does it look like an 1887 photo? The August 1 letter was signed by 14 players. The Dispatch a week before said the club had carried 16 or 17 players all season and were releasing a couple of players. There are only nine players in the photo. Three of the 14 that signed the letter played in the majors, Bill Schwartz, Ed Hutchinson, and Ben Stephens.
     G.B. "Ben" Stephens, age 19, joined the team a few days before Higgins, who was brought to catch Stephens. Higgins had caught him in 1886. Has anyone looked for them in the Detroit area in the 1886 Detroit papers?

I went to the site and extracted the names of people associated with baseball from the Columbus, Ohio directories that were published from the years 1888 to 1892.  There were a number of J. Higgins (James Higgins, John Higgins, etc) but not information to declare any single one of them as the pictured ball player.

SurnameNameLocationBusiness NameOccupation
BackerGeorge Eboards Hotel Nelsonball player
BakerWilliam125 1/2 N. Highball player
BauerAlley545 S. Highbase ball player
CowleyWm A51 Franklin avenuebase ball player
FitzsimmonsJohn26 MontgomeryColumbus Base Ball Club
GarvinB Lboards Hotel NelsonColumbus Base Ball Club
GilmanP Cboards Hotel Nelsonball player
HamiltonR Hboards Hotel Nelsonball player
HandiboeJohn A130 E. Naghtenball player
HandiboeJas E136 E. Naghtenball player
HandiboeJohn136 E. Naghtenball player
MorrisonJ Wboards Hotel NelsonColumbus Base Ball Club
MunyardWmboards Hotel Nelsonball player
MurphyJohn A64 W. Maplebase ball player
MyersCharlesboards Arcade Hotelbase ball player
O'BrienJboards Hotel Nelsonball player
PikeC Hboards Hotel Nelsonball player
PothGeorgeroom 5, 109 S. Highbase ball player
RauschkolbJacob246 E. Fultonball player
RearkCharlesboards Hotel NelsonColumbus Base Ball Club
RourkeWm A826 S. 3dball player
SchmelzGus H212 S. 3rdCinncinati Base Ball Clubmanager
SchwartzW Aboards Arcade Hotelball player
SmithEarnestboards Hotel Nelsonball player
TwitchellLawrence G214 Hamilton avenuebase ball player
WagnerFrankboards Hotel NelsonColumbus Base Ball Club
WelshP Jboards Hotel Nelsonball player
WestMilton D877 S.3dbase ball player
WilliamsJames A328 OakCleveland Base Ball Clubmanager

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