Monday, May 13, 2013

Opening Day in the K.I.T. League

Hopkinsville Kentuckian - May 13, 1913

The K.I.T. League, or Kenkucky-Illinois-Tennessee League, also known as the Kitty League, was a Class D grouping of teams consisting of:

  • Cairo (IL) Egyptians
  • Clarksville (TN) Boosters
  • Harrisburg (KY) Coal Miners
  • Henderson (KY) Hens
  • Hopkinsville (KY) Hoppers
  • Owensboro (KY) Distillers
  • Paducah (KY) Chiefs
  • Vincennes (IN) Alices

Don't quite know how the Alices slipped into the league, what, with them being Hoosiers and all.  Paducah was crowned as the Champions in that year.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Cinderella Girl

I plugged the terms "baseball" and "musical" into the search engine and up popped My Cinderella Girl, a musical baseball farce. The Library of Congress has the musical score, but I haven't found any instance of actual recording of the songs. Here are a few articles and images about and of the musical.

The Daily Times - October 3, 1911

The Spartanburg Herald - February 19, 1911
The McCook Tribune - October 13, 1910

Chicago Public Library

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald - October 26, 1910


UPDATE - April 21, 2014
Scott Simkus has a nice post at John Thorn's blog Our Game.  It focuses on Mike Donlin and a bit of his wife, Mabel Hite and features a much more clear image of the "Play Ball" scene.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Change in Toggery

The Washington Herald - February 26, 1916
Maybe Griffith went to Matson's for the new uniforms.  They do fit grown-up teams.  Probably not, as the ad is from six years later and in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Evening Herald - March 29, 1922