Saturday, September 27, 2014

Parkway Feld is constantly adding new papers to their archives.  They recently added the Louisville Anzeiger, a German language newspaper.  The time span is from March 28, 1923 to May 31, 1928.  These images are from that last issue.

Louisville Anzeiger - May 31, 1928

UPDATE: Tony L. asked if I spoke German.  I know just a few words and phrases.  I transcribed the ad and ran it through Google's Translate.

My transcription:
Parkway Feld aus der Vogelschau

Der Spielplatz der Colonels, aud dessen Tribunen tausende jahrlich dem nationalem Spiel des Baseballs beiwohnen.

In Anerkennung des Wohlwollens des "Louisville Anzeigers" und der Unterstutzung dieses Sportes seitens seiner treuen Leser, die Louisville Baseball Co.
The translation:
Parkway Field in bird's eye

The playground of the Colonels, on the tribune thousands annually to the national game of
Baseballs attend.

In recognition of the benevolence of the "Louisville Anzeiger" and the support of this sport
by his faithful readers, the Louisville Baseball Co.

The blog about old photos of Louisville,, has a few shots of Parkway Field.

If you can't get enough of the German language in the above ad, here's a baseball story for you.

Louisville Anzeiger - May 31, 1928

Monday, September 15, 2014

Charles Horan - inventor of cork head guard

About 96 years ago a small newspaper article appeared. Charles Horan had dabbled with cork and bamboo and came up with something new in the way of a head guard.
The Flint Daily Journal - September 25, 1920
It appears that the patent wasn't issued until the following April.

I know you want to see what it looked like.  Here you go.

Apparently it was groundbreaking enough to be referenced in other patents as recently as 1995.

images from and Google's Patents page