Friday, September 25, 2015

Yogi Nuggets

Earlier this week Yogi Berra passed away. There were many tributes to him on social media. I tossed up a few, finding a few not so well known nuggets.  These are what I put on my twitter account.

I'm always curious to see where people are from.  Using I was able to locate the Berra family in St. Louis in 1930.  Little Lawrence was not yet five years old.

1930 US Census - from

Boy's Life magazine featured a picture of a youngish Yogi in 1950.
Boy's Life - September, 1950

Columbia Records, in 1952, issued several records of baseball players giving advice about the game.  The four players were Ralph Kiner, Phil Rizzuto, Yogi, and Bob Feller.  Here's a review from Billboard Magazine.
Billboard Magazine -June 14, 1952

I was surprised to find out that Yogi was ejected from games in five decades.


Yogi as cover boy...

Boy's Life - April, 1963
Boy's Life - April, 1963
Boy's Life - April, 1963
If you'd like to read the whole story, here it is.

Did you know that Phil Rizzuto and Yogi had a bistro?  And that it had a discotheque?  And you couldn't dance?  Me, neither.
Billboard - August 14, 1965
Thank you, Mr. Berra, for adding so much to the game of baseball.  Rest in peace.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Whittier College Poets team photos

The Caltech teams have been posted and Terry Cannon, Executive Director of the Baseball Reliquary, suggested that I might give a similar treatment to the Whittier College Poets baseball teams through the ages.  So here is a loose visual documentation of the varsity baseball teams of the Whittier College Poets.


















images from

Friday, September 11, 2015

Caltech teams of the 2000s

2002 saw the return of a beaver to the jersey.  Ditching Cincinnati and embracing St. Louis, Caltech has put a beaver on a bat.  Except for 2004 when they tried to imitate the University of Tennessee.  Yearbooks in the second half of the decade were sparse when it came to athletic teams.

2000 Team

2001 Team

2002 Team

2003 Team

2004 Team

2005 Team

2006 Team

2010 Team

2011 Team

Yeah.  Just one player photo.  Sparse, I tell you.

2010 Player

images from the Cal Tech Pubs site

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Caltech teams of the 1990s

The nondescript nineties. Block letters give way to a Cincinnati Reds' clone.

1990 Team

1991 Team

1992 Team

1993 Team

1994 Team

1995 Team

1996 Team

1997 Team

1998 Team

1999 Team

Players.  We need to see the players.

1993 Player

1994 Player

1995 Player

images from the Cal Tech Pubs site

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Caltech teams of the 1980s

Ah, the Eighties. I enjoyed going through these yearbooks as that's when I attended college. We saw the return of  scripted jerseys for a season (1983).  The rest of the decade?  Consistency.

1980 Team

1981 Team

1982 Team

1983 Team

1984 Team

1985 Team

1986 Team

1987 Team

1988 Team

1989 Team

And here are the requisite player photos.

1985 Player
1986 Player

1987 Player

images from the Cal Tech Pubs site