Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old-Time Ball Players.

I don't typically give commentary but I thought that there should be some explanation with this post. I came across this 1896 article while doing some research on Joe Ellick. I have transcribed the players listed, as well as their occupations and residences. I did not alter the spelling from the article, so some players' names are not correct. The names link to the player pages at

St. Paul Daily Globe - February 3, 1896
Kid Baldwin - Tramp
Al Bushong - Dentist, Worcester, Mass.
"Big Chief" Roseman - Saloonist, New York
Blondie Purcell - Race trace bookmaker
Nat Hudson - Lumber, Chicago
Hick Carpenter - Pullman car conductor
Billy Holbert - United States secret service
Pete Gillespie - Coal miner, Pennsylvania
Harry L. Taylor - Lawyer, Buffalo
Paul Cook - Saloon, Rochester
Big Jim Davis - Race track employe, St. Louis
George McGinnis - Glassblower, St. Louis
Ned Morris - Saloonist, Pittsburg
Tom Dolan - Fireman, St. Louis
Joe Sommer - Covington, Ky.
Leech Mackery - Artist, Pennsylvania
"Juice" Latham - Motorman, Utica
Gus Alberts - Saloonist, St. Joseph, Mo.
Peekaboo Veach - Railroad fireman, Indianapolis
Dell Darling - Boilermaker, Erie, Pa.
Dug Crothers - Clerk, St. Louis
Bob Emslie - National league umpire
Dave Orr - Policeman, New York
Peter Browning - Saloon, Louisville
Harry Stovey - Policeman, New Bedford
Otto Shomberg - Wholesale lumber, Milwaukee
John Corkhill - Grocery, Camden, NJ
Charlie Jones - Policeman, New York
Jim Keenan - Saloon, Cincinnati
Jimmy Wolf - Fireman, Louisville
"Monk" Cline - Fireman, Louisville
Tommy McLaughlin  - Fireman, Louisville
"Brudder Bill" Gleason - Fireman, St. Louis
"Long John" Reilly - Engraver, Cincinnati
Joe Battin - Brick mason, Louisville
Jack Kerins - Barkeeper, Louisville
Phil Reccius - Sporting goods, Louisville
Ned Swartwood - Cigar drummer, Allegheny
Bill Alvord - Cigars, Toledo
Frank Fennelly - Storekeeper, Fall River
Arthur Whitney - Men's furnishings, Lowell
Jimmy Galvin - Saloon, Pittsburg
Jack Carroll - Railroad clerk, Buffalo
George Meyer - Contractor, Buffalo
Jack Milligan - Contractor, Philadelphia
Fred Dunlap - Contractor, Philadelphia
"Reddy" Mack - Saloonist, Newport
Dennis Casey - Motorman, Binghampton, N.Y.
Ed Beecher - Policeman, Hartford
P. Gilmore - Motorman, Washington
Ned Andrews - Orange grower, Florida
Jerry Denny - Men's furnishings, Norwich, Conn.
Sam Trott - Merchant, Washington
Charlie Sweeny - San Quentin penitentiary
Guy Hecker - Grocer, Oil City
"Cyclone" Ryan - Actor
Frank Lane - Advance agent for Hoyt & McKee's shows
"Silver" King - Contractor, St. Louis
John Morrill - Sporting goods, Boston
Ezra Sutton - Saw mill owner, New York state
Charlie Radbourne - Restaurant, Bloomington, Ill.
John Clarkson - Cigar dealer, Bay City, Mich.
Billy Sunday - Evangelist, Chicago
Hardie Richardson -  Hotelkeeper, Utica, N.Y.
Will White - Optician, Buffalo
"Deacon" Jim White - Liveryman, Buffalo
"Lady" Baldwin - Farmer, Michigan
Charlie Bennett - Cigars, Detroit
George Gore - Political job, New York
Moxie McQueery - Huckster, Cincinnati
James McCormick - Wet goods, Paterson, N.J.
Dan Richardson - Dry goods, Elmira
Jack Lynch - Policeman, New York
Frank Hankinson - Saloonkeeper, New York
Jack Nelson - Milk dealer, Brooklyn
Cal McVey - Contractor, California
Ross Barnes - Dealer on 'change, Chicago
James O'Rourke - Lawyer, Bridgeport, Conn.
John M. Ward - Lawyer, New York
Joe Start - Hotel, near Providence
Al Myers - Saloon, Terre Haute
Paul Hines - Burlington, Io.
Sam Crane - Base ball editor, New York
Tim Murnane - Base ball writer, Boston
Charlie Snyder - Umpire, Western league
J. C. Rowe - Manager Buffalo Base Ball club
Ned Hanlon - Manager Baltimore Base Ball club
Arthur Irwin - Manager New York Base Ball club
Jimmy Manning - Manager Kansas City club
Hugh Nicol - Manager Rockford (Ill.) club
Charles Comiskey - Manager St. Paul club
Adrian C. Anson - Manager and first baseman Chicago club, as well as leading man in "A Runaway Colt."
"Pacer" Smith - Hanged at Decatur
Thomas E. Burns - Manager Springfield (Mass.) club
Umpire John Kelly - Saloonkeeper, New York
A. Powell - Manager New Orleans club
Sam Weaver - Policeman, Philadelphia
"Dasher" Troy - Score cards, New York
Larry Twitchell - Manager Milwaukee club
Joe Ellick - Barkeeper, Kansas City

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