Friday, April 20, 2012

Fenway Park Opener - 1912

Today we celebrate 100 years of baseball at Fenway Park.  Many people have been tweeting, talking, and blogging about it.  Great history.  I do take exception to Keith Olbermann's assertion that the team from New York that day wasn't the Highlanders.  Taking a look at the Library of Congress's wonderful Chronicling America site we find this gem...

The Sun - April 18, 1912

Looks like the Highlanders to me.  But, wanting to be fair and to see both sides of the issue, I looked at another New York newspaper...

New-York Tribune - April 18, 1912
I guess that each newspaper called the team by a different name.  Sort of like the way that Fox News and MSNBC treat issues today.

I'll give Mr. Olbermann the Yankees moniker that day if he'll agree that they were also the Highlanders.

April 21 Update: Keith Olbermann has written a fine summary of the names of the American League team from New York.

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