Tuesday, November 27, 2012

20 Inning Game at Plattsburgh

Philip Lowry, a fellow SABR member, is tracking baseball games that go long. He's interested in matches that are 20 innings or more. I think that I found one for him.

The earliest that I can find mention of Plattsburgh Independents is 1908.  They played other local teams.  In 1923 that was members of the 26th Infantry, part of the US Army stationed at the Plattsburgh Barracks.

Three of the local papers mention the upcoming game.

Plattsburgh Daily Republican -  May 10, 1923

Plattsburgh Daily Press - May 10, 1923

Plattsburgh Sentinel - May 11, 1923

The game went twenty innings, with the Army boys winning.  Although two of the papers picked it up, I couldn't find any details about the game.

Plattsburgh Daily Republican -  May 14, 1923

Plattsburgh Sentinel - May 15, 1923

Apparently this game and the rivalry were not soon forgotten, as two years later it was still being reported.

Plattsburgh Sentinel -  July 3, 1925

Images were gathered from the Northern New York Library Network's collection of digital newspapers.

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