Sunday, June 9, 2013

A 60 Game season for 1965?

Register-Republic (Rockford, Illinois) - April 22, 1964

There were 20 MLB teams in 1965.  A 60 game schedule as ABC suggests would be 600 games.  Today we have 30 teams and 162 games.  That would be 2,430 games.  I think that the sport has adapted itself well enough to network video by expansion.

The missing line in the first paragraph of the third column is:
ence) eliminations to establish
It sounds like ABC was pushing for what some now want the BCS to turn into.

Clearly, ABC wants to mold things for their ease.  The last paragraph says it all.
It is ABC-TV's feeling that "an activity (television) that serves the average family 45 hours a week deserves to help shape the pattern instead of using the established methods that were formed before the development of television."

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