Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fan Suggests Change In Scoring Rules

SABR-type tinkerers ahead of their time?

Seattle Daily Times - April 8, 1912


  1. How hard would it be to adopt the home run rule and see how it changes a season - or a decade or a career? Are stats like that available to play with?

    1. Steve, there are stats available at One of the difficult things to do would be offset the pitching stats. If the batter is up 4 times and hits a HR on his first at bat then strikes out the other 3 times, he should have a 1.000 BA for that game, according to the fan. But happens to the pitcher? Should they not get credit for the strikeouts?

      There were 514 HRs in the Major Leagues in the 1911 season. One could crunch the numbers, but I'm not up to the task.