Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Czar of Baseball Clears Pelicans in Scandal Case

Fellow SABR member Skip Nipper's amazing Sulphur Dell website shared the following "on this date" fact this morning...
August 27, 1925 - Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Commissioner of Baseball, announces that has has found no justification for penalties to Nashville Vols players Fred Eichrodt and Lute Roy for allegations of attempts to switch the two players to New Orleans for the remainder of the season to enhance the Pelicans chances to win the championship. 

However, the Commissioner states that Vols manager Jimmy Hamilton is "highly censurable for encouraging Ralph McGill, sports editor of the Nashville Banner, to publish the story". During the hearing in Chicago, Larry Gilbert, manager of the New Orleans club, was called to testify.
I wanted to know more about the story so I went off to GenealogyBank.

The Times-Picayune - August 28, 1925

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