Thursday, November 13, 2014

Illustrations from "How To Play Baseball"

In the facebook group, Baseball Books, there was a discussion about How To Play Baseball.  A question was asked, "How is it illustrated?"  I assumed that the book being discussed was John McGraw's 1914 How To Play Baseball: A Manual For Boys.  It wasn't.  It was about the 1913 book of the same title by "The Greatest Baseball Players".

I found a copy of the McGraw book on Google Books and extracted the illustrations.  It doesn't answer the original question, but since I didn't want the illustrations to go to waste, I present them here.

The title page states that there are 32 illustrations.  I didn't find that many, just 23.  It appears that Google has clipped some of the photos and they are available if you purchase the book, not just download the pdf.

Apparently Google scanned this from a book that was or used to be in a University of California library.  Thanks for punching your ownership mark on to most of these pages.  Also a tip of the hat to the editor who added the speech balloon to illustration 28.

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  1. Illustration #20 - That is probably the most ornate and detailed path between home plate and the pitcher's mound I have ever seen. Is there any identification given as to which ballpark featured the path?