Friday, March 6, 2015

Baseball and Ice Cream

Many people associate popcorn or Cracker Jacks with baseball, and rightly so. But what about ice cream and baseball?

We see from this ca. 1905 photo that the two are linked.  Literally.
On the beach at Atlantic City, N.J.
image from Library of Congress
The players and even an umpire profess to liking it over other forms of enjoyment.

Plain Dealer - February 9, 1911
image from

In 1917 Telling's Ice Cream was sold exclusively at the Cleveland Baseball Park.

Plain Dealer - May 20, 1917
image from

Drugstore with Soda Fountain
possibly Detroit, Michigan
image from the Library of Congress

The baseball craze spilled over to named confections.

The following drugstore soda fountain recipes are from various publications at Google Books.

The National Druggist - July 1917

The Bulletin of Pharmacy - April 1917

The Dispenser's Formulary - 1915

American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record - June 1915

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