Friday, September 25, 2015

Yogi Nuggets

Earlier this week Yogi Berra passed away. There were many tributes to him on social media. I tossed up a few, finding a few not so well known nuggets.  These are what I put on my twitter account.

I'm always curious to see where people are from.  Using I was able to locate the Berra family in St. Louis in 1930.  Little Lawrence was not yet five years old.

1930 US Census - from

Boy's Life magazine featured a picture of a youngish Yogi in 1950.
Boy's Life - September, 1950

Columbia Records, in 1952, issued several records of baseball players giving advice about the game.  The four players were Ralph Kiner, Phil Rizzuto, Yogi, and Bob Feller.  Here's a review from Billboard Magazine.
Billboard Magazine -June 14, 1952

I was surprised to find out that Yogi was ejected from games in five decades.


Yogi as cover boy...

Boy's Life - April, 1963
Boy's Life - April, 1963
Boy's Life - April, 1963
If you'd like to read the whole story, here it is.

Did you know that Phil Rizzuto and Yogi had a bistro?  And that it had a discotheque?  And you couldn't dance?  Me, neither.
Billboard - August 14, 1965
Thank you, Mr. Berra, for adding so much to the game of baseball.  Rest in peace.

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