Monday, February 8, 2016

A Game and an Escape at Folsom Prison - 1942

Looking through my twitter feed today I came across this gem from Baseball Reference:

Another story too ripe not to look into.  The first article I found at lined up with what the tweet stated.

Cleveland Plain Dealer - February 9, 1942

The second story added a bit more information.  If this article is accurate, then the game wasn't stopped, but delayed, and the delay caused the match to go only seven innings.

Sacramento Bee - February 9, 1942
Below is a list of the players from the box score.
I struggled with who Edwards, the catcher, was. Then I expanded my search in the newspapers.  The previous week Sacramento Bee ran a story about the upcoming game.

Sacramento Bee - February 3, 1942
Now I know more about the game but I know nothing of the escapees.

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  1. This was the 9th annual game between the teams. When was the last time that the game was played?