Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cigarette Pictures in the news

The Hauls of Shame website has a nice post on Mort Rogers' score cards.  A bit rich for my wallet, although I like looking at them.

It did cause me to take a peek through various old newspapers for cigarette cards, though.  Not all cigarette cards featured base ball players or other athletes.  There was a bevy of beauties.  Maybe too much bevy was showing for some people.  Also included are some games that the youth were playing with the cards.

I've arranged the articles chronologically. 

Concerned about his parishioners' morals...
New York Herald - March 4, 1886

Street walkers...
New Haven Register - June 21, 1886

In the clink...
Philadelphia Inquirer - July 1, 1887

Up in smoke...
Trenton Evening Times - September 30, 1892

Just one camera?
Omaha World Herald - November 11, 1894

Bay City Times (Michigan) - October 27, 1895

Ah, flipping...
New York Herald - March 8, 1896

Countries had a say...
Columbus Daily Enquirer (Georgia) - March 6, 1900

Schools were voicing their opinions...

Boston Herald - May 5, 1910

Pitching cards.  Just like pennies... (a bit blurry, but that's the best I could find)
Pawtucket Times - September 17, 1910

And then a look back (from 1925) ...

The Boston Herald - June 21, 1925

images from GenealogyBank.com


  1. Interesting. I guess Honus Wagner had good reason to have that card of him pulled off the market to not encourage boys to smoke. It sounds like these cards were like Pokemon or Magic or sports cars: they were what you collected if you were about 10 years old.