Friday, August 21, 2015

Caltech teams of the 1920s

Yesterday Terry Cannon, Executive Director of the Baseball Reliquary, posted a photo of an early Cal Tech baseball team on the facebook page of the Institute for Baseball Studies.

At the time of posting it wasn't clear to me when that photo was taken.  I went off sleuthing for a bit and found the answer on the Caltech Archives site.

Before I got there I did find some other photos of the team through the ages.  I thought it might be fun to look at them one decade at a time.

From the Caltech Campus Pubs site, I was able to download and search the yearbooks.

Not all years are represented, but here's what I could find of the varsity team for the Roaring Twenties.  Interesting to see the change in uniforms.
1921 Caltech Varsity Team

1922 Caltech Varsity Team

1923 Caltech Varsity Team

1924 Caltech Varsity Team

1925 Caltech Varsity Team

1927 Caltech Varsity Team

1928 Caltech Varsity Team

1929 Caltech Varsity Team

And now for some individual players.





Paul Lukas, of has a great story (and wonderful photos) of the 1956 Portland Beavers uniforms.  I'm wondering if Caltech had the first beaver on a jersey.

Just so the Freshman teams don't feel neglected with straight hand-me-downs, here's a look at the Frosh Squads of the Twenties.  Looking at their faces, I don't think that it was Roaring.

1922 Freshman Team

1923 Freshman Team

1924 Freshman Team

1927 Freshman Team

1928 Freshman Team

In the coming weeks I'll move ahead in time.  Eventually, I'll look back at the teams of the teens.

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