Saturday, August 22, 2015

Caltech teams of the 1930s

Another in the series of Caltech teams by decade.  This go around it is the Thirties.

Nothing great to note, save that in 1938 the team seems to have ditched the beaver logo and gone to the school name on the front of the jersey.

1930 Varsity Team

1931 Varsity Team

1932 Varsity Team

1933 Varsity Team

1935 Varsity Team

1936 Varsity Team

1937 Varsity Team

1938 Varsity Team

1939 Varsity Team

And now for some individual players.  The individual poses in the 1937 annual show the Cal Tech jersey, not the beaver logo.  Note the cameraman's shadow in the 1935 player photo.









Now on to the Frosh Squad.  The cameraman's shadow appears in the 1933 Freshman photo.  Maybe he was practicing for the 1935 player above.

1931 Freshman Team

1933 Freshman Team

1935 Freshman Team

1936 Freshman Team

1937 Freshman Team

1938 Freshman Team

1939 Freshman Team

images from the Cal Tech Pubs site

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