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Neutral Game in Covington, KY - 1875

The Marlins and the Braves are going to play a game at Fort Bragg, North Carolina on July 3.  John Thorn, Official Historian of MLB, wrote a nice piece about games being played on Neutral Sites.

Several years ago I wrote about my 'discovery' of the Star Base Ball Grounds in Covington, Kentucky.  It was used by the Philadelphia Whites and the Hartford Dark Blues on September 21, 1875.

I thought that it was time to recount the story of the game.  I found it in the Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, dated September 22, 1875.

A disputed coin flip to start the game.  A ball rolling under carriages in the 9th.  And lots of action in between with a wonderful write up. 

The weather report from the day before indicated that the temperature was 50°, clearing, with winds out of the NW.  The Hartfords were in Covington that day, playing a game against the local team.  The Hartfords lost.  From the following story we find out that Mr. Mack, who was umpire for the Philly/Hartford game, was the first baseman for the Stars.  Interesting to note that Umpire Mack was Dennis "Denny" Mack, who had played mostly infield for the Philadelphia National Association team the previous two seasons.

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune - September 21, 1875

Also playing on that Monday were the Philadelphians and the Red Stockings of the Queen City.

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune - September 21, 1875

And there you have a the story (and more) of one of 10 neutral site games played in 1875.

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